Duplicate Case Transfers

Are you a custodial parent who has been on aid with your family in multiple/different California counties? Are you a paying parent (non-custodial parent) who owes monthly child support and/or child support arrears to several different California counties for the same children? A program has been implemented by the State of California that may assist you, if the above situations sound familiar.

Inter-County Transfers are helping custodial and paying parents (non-custodial parents) alike consolidate their child support cases for the same individuals to one California County that can manage their case(s) involving the same children entirely. For custodial parents, this means that their child support (both current and arrears) will be collected in one California County. In most instances that county will be the one the custodial party is receiving aid in or in which aid was last received. For paying parents (non-custodial parents), this means that they will be paying their child support for court orders involving the same children to only one California county instead of multiple counties. Inter-County case transfers will decrease the number of multiple cases for the same individuals and will minimize the number of wage garnishments a paying parent (non-custodial parent) has at his/her place of employment. If you think your cases are eligible for an Inter-County case transfer or if you have questions regarding a current transfer that may be in progress, please contact our Public Service Center at 1-866-901-3212.